Action Henk PC Game character

Action Henk PC Game Review

I like to think about the actions of Henk as heroes act fast on the road to retirement must repeat the center of attention. Beer, hanging from his belt, Henk belly is a small doll of the wide variety of sports, but smile determined that it separates an impressive array of sideburns in 1980. It is not hard to root for him, as it slides down the ramps and obstacles […]

Last Word PC Game realms

Last Word PC Game Review

The last word in the world of formal and proper words say more than actions, and combat is conducted by the change of pace in the speech, conversation. This may sound boring in theory, but in practice, many of the tactics and play systems causing a diversified favors, if initially confused the system. Combine the wisdom, power and a good dose of subtlety every whim makes it vulnerable to the […]

Galactic Civilizations III PC Game poster

Galactic Civilizations III PC Game Review

It is difficult to wrap your head is how big is the universe. It is one thing to say the distance between us and the Moon ten times the circumference of the Earth, but it is understandable. It is very difficult to wrap our minds around the idea that a little bit of our planet, our home, is limited, only a distance reasonable between the stars. III understand Galactic Civilizations […]

Dungeon of the Endless PC Game science creator

Dungeon of the Endless PC Game Review

Design of never-ending prison with influences from a variety of sources. It has elements of roguelikes, games of turn-based strategy, as XCON and FTL while mixing in some Tower Defense materials, carefully shaped them into the mould Dungeon crawler. With so many different parts, any imbalance in the balance will result in the failure of the experiment. But the endless Dungeon brings together different parts of the city. While the […]

Planetary Annihilation PC Game settings

Planetary Annihilation PC Game Review

The total destruction of intergalactic and go to hyperdrive. This, explains in a few words, the destruction of the planet, tribute from Uber Entertainment one of the real-time strategy games the most large of all time. The game comes with several major improvements, however, including a challenging pace and enemy artificial intelligence, along with a full ball cartoon planets and moons that serve as a battlefield. The newcomers RTS will […]

Dreamfall Chapters Book One Reborn PC Game i hear you

Dreamfall Chapters Book One: Reborn PC Game Review

Eight years is a long time to wait for a response and scenes of the Dreamfall chapters opening understand both a perforation of the bowel crying, give the total number of such conclusions is an introduction. This is a universe that has occupied my thoughts and fantasies since 1999, when the longest journey was released and legitimate recognition as one of the best adventure games ever made. This is a […]

Road Not Taken PC Game year 7

Road Not Taken PC Game Review

Life takes many unexpected turns; failure or success at a time when the key can mean the difference between happiness and headache. The chosen path is not an adventure/puzzle game of action with elements of weight roguelike to explore that reason. Although a little disappointing, developers in cheerful Fox has assembled the artistic and absorbing experience that addressed the issues of love, loss and, finally, hope. The chosen path begins […]

Halfway PC Game gameplay

Halfway PC Game Review

The space cold, lonely and completely indifferent to the struggle of humanity. That provide emotive political rehabilitation. Don’t want to conquer, win – win. Here, in a bent and damaged ships drifted aimlessly through the dark infinity, trying to survive. Open environment with Lannis, Cologne Goliath ship aging security guard, ecstasy is quite a bit slower than expected. Soon became evident, both in the environment and pitch stable, reverent, managing […]

Sacred 3 PC Game story

Sacred 3 PC Game Review

What is the name? If you take the example Sacred 3, very little. Editors in silver has been inserting this action RPG franchises names on the new entries in the hack and slash genre, but the game itself is a little more cautious of mediocre button-masher that takes the elements that make a click-heavy RPG so absorbent. Click on the lack of inspiration; script, inspired by the same size as […]

Legend of Grimrock 2 PC Game wiki

Legend of Grimrock 2 PC Game Review

Lining music first congratulate you on the legends of the Grimrock II is a festive, bombastic song that will be easily at home, the fantasies of success of the summer. The sequel is a great adventure, away from the resurrection of congested tracking predecessor tunnel large mosaic based on first-person Dungeon. And while the atmosphere is stifling the first franchise entry was diluted with focus on exploration of the leak, […]