Civilization Beyond Earth PC Game ceo suzanne fielding of arc

Civilization: Beyond Earth PC Game Review

I am looking for the number 585. In the tab “hours playing” for my copy of civilization V and i… well, I don’t know if I want to stay in that number. But I can tell you that for hours, to see only a session with strategy based on the story to its conclusion. I like: world leaders present at the society held the first steps towards agriculture, go again […]

Risen 3 Titan Lords PC Game powerfull attack

Risen 3: Titan Lords PC Game Review

Risen 3: Titan Lords, as two of his predecessors, is not the kind of role he is generally regarded as one of the possible, it must implement measures to certain destinations. Disfraces-cliche pirate who trades in the usual tropes, the Voodoo priest, with busty whores bar and so sailor looking for a drink of rum. Battle of the feats that hit out of the game, keeping the final victory of […]

A City Sleeps PC Game strategy

A City Sleeps PC Game Review

The dream is a bullet driven by music, shooter of hell with a relaxing soundtrack and a colorful presentation, as the comic strip. A hybrid of the concept feels fresh and fun in the first and there are moments when aligning the ideas, but the game quickly deplete the new stage and the music, and you are left with nothing to do more than repeat the same level of higher […]

Mind Path to Thalamus PC Game system requirements

Mind: Path to Thalamus PC Game Review

Mind: Path to Thalamus are easy to classify, but it is difficult to analyze, a game of first person who is not the puzzles, but a little about what you represent. As many other games that appear on steam and float in and out of the collective consciousness, this is a metaphysical journey, that focuses on the discovery of a solution, and it was a great success, driving through the beautiful […]

Metro Redux PC Game image

Metro Redux PC Game Review

Some of the games are people, their fight, their hopes, their dreams, their strength. Other games are on the system and logic. Blocks fall from the top and maneuver them instead, you play a fast becoming the correct pattern, or collect enough money until you can afford a strong helmet or a sharp sword. Then there are the games on the site. Chronicles of Riddick, for example, is less than […]

Shadowgate PC Game teeth chattering

Shadowgate PC Game Review

If you have the game for a long time, the name of Shadowgate classic is probably familiar. Because he helped trigger the adventure game genre back in the ‘ 80s, Shadowgate classic was ported to many systems, famous for the NES. Many of the same commands as in adventures like Zork text – use – “go”, “take”, “food”, but a graphical representation of each to help you navigate and solve […]

The Golf Club PC Game cheats

The Golf Club PC Game Review

“Nice try”. As a dedicated hacker is too stubborn to pack the Club out once by all East, I heard a little out on the golf course. Now I’m going to use me for a change, this time to describe the Golf Club, a simulation of new golf inspired clearly full of affection for the old great game that all of us or receive and condemned the Scots to create. […]

Firefall PC Game a tough nut to crack

Firefall PC Game Review

I know that the Firefall was a massively multiplayer game online, because my first steps in the sign it by other players human placed intentionally…–There’s more of one hour–and directly in front of me while I’m still here. I know that the Firefall was also a shooting game, as every space on the screen not immediately occupied by this most ancient ritual trolling for great gun and rifle is most […]

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Five – No Going Back PC Game picture

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five – No Going Back PC Game Review

The two sets of marks of The Walking Dead this adventure season ended with a whimper rather than a bang. There is no turning back in the last episode of the series has directed five caps with soft benefits surprise that facilitates pedal on the floor. The process of dialogue and unity, the zombies are relegated to mere appearance and although I prefer more action and more zombies, the atmosphere […]

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC Game secret

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition PC Game Review

In the world of Harry Potter, where the law of natural selection seems to support the gene that leads to more imagination, there is a species called the Boggart takes the appearance of your greatest fear and overcome by laughter. Unfortunately for the poor man of the bag, there is also a target laser spells in his weakness is ironic, because Harry & Co is located in class. With wave […]