Road Not Taken PC Game wallpaper

Road Not Taken PC Game Review

Life takes many unexpected turns; failure or success at a time when the key can mean the difference between happiness and headache. The chosen path is not an adventure/puzzle game of action with elements of weight roguelike to explore that reason. Although a little disappointing, developers in cheerful Fox has assembled the artistic and absorbing experience that addressed the issues of love, loss and, finally, hope. The chosen path begins […]

Halfway PC Game gameplay

Halfway PC Game Review

The space cold, lonely and completely indifferent to the struggle of humanity. That provide emotive political rehabilitation. Don’t want to conquer, win – win. Here, in a bent and damaged ships drifted aimlessly through the dark infinity, trying to survive. Open environment with Lannis, Cologne Goliath ship aging security guard, ecstasy is quite a bit slower than expected. Soon became evident, both in the environment and pitch stable, reverent, managing […]

Sacred 3 PC Game they stole our heart

Sacred 3 PC Game Review

What is the name? If you take the example Sacred 3, very little. Editors in silver has been inserting this action RPG franchises names on the new entries in the hack and slash genre, but the game itself is a little more cautious of mediocre button-masher that takes the elements that make a click-heavy RPG so absorbent. Click on the lack of inspiration; script, inspired by the same size as […]

Legend of Grimrock 2 PC Game maker

Legend of Grimrock 2 PC Game Review

Lining music first congratulate you on the legends of the Grimrock II is a festive, bombastic song that will be easily at home, the fantasies of success of the summer. The sequel is a great adventure, away from the resurrection of congested tracking predecessor tunnel large mosaic based on first-person Dungeon. And while the atmosphere is stifling the first franchise entry was diluted with focus on exploration of the leak, […]

Neverending Nightmares PC Game system

Neverending Nightmares PC Game Review

There is a mark of elite of the horror that, even in the glory days when the player immersed in the interactive experience, a truly terrible is uncommon and is difficult to do and the horror comes not from Terror. invasive malignant, harmful, which should be placed down, but by the testimony of perversions and sacrilege beyond of the imagination and give it tells that you are responsible for the […]

Civilization Beyond Earth PC Game united

Civilization: Beyond Earth PC Game Review

I am looking for the number 585. In the tab “hours playing” for my copy of civilization V and i… well, I don’t know if I want to stay in that number. But I can tell you that for hours, to see only a session with strategy based on the story to its conclusion. I like: world leaders present at the society held the first steps towards agriculture, go again […]

Risen 3 Titan Lords PC Game release date

Risen 3: Titan Lords PC Game Review

Risen 3: Titan Lords, as two of his predecessors, is not the kind of role he is generally regarded as one of the possible, it must implement measures to certain destinations. Disfraces-cliche pirate who trades in the usual tropes, the Voodoo priest, with busty whores bar and so sailor looking for a drink of rum. Battle of the feats that hit out of the game, keeping the final victory of […]

A City Sleeps PC Game cover

A City Sleeps PC Game Review

The dream is a bullet driven by music, shooter of hell with a relaxing soundtrack and a colorful presentation, as the comic strip. A hybrid of the concept feels fresh and fun in the first and there are moments when aligning the ideas, but the game quickly deplete the new stage and the music, and you are left with nothing to do more than repeat the same level of higher […]

Mind Path to Thalamus PC Game save game

Mind: Path to Thalamus PC Game Review

Mind: Path to ThalamusĀ are easy to classify, but it is difficult to analyze, a game of first person who is not the puzzles, but a little about what you represent. As many other games that appear on steam and float in and out of the collective consciousness, this is a metaphysical journey, that focuses on the discovery of a solution, and it was a great success, driving through the beautiful […]

Metro Redux PC Game weapons

Metro Redux PC Game Review

Some of the games are people, their fight, their hopes, their dreams, their strength. Other games are on the system and logic. Blocks fall from the top and maneuver them instead, you play a fast becoming the correct pattern, or collect enough money until you can afford a strong helmet or a sharp sword. Then there are the games on the site. Chronicles of Riddick, for example, is less than […]